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Attack on Titan: Division

Attack on Titan: Division is a student project for George Brown's Game Design Postgraduate program. The game is a 3-player strategy board game where you assume the role of one of three military factions from the popular anime series. Each faction has its own objectives to achieve while defending Eldia from the Titans. Players must reach their goals before the Titans break into the capital city.

Attack on Titan: Divison was designed by Daulton Scott, Arda Turkvan, Alex Fazio, and Jesse Bowles-Connover. Daulton's contributions included creating the faction win conditions, player decks, and playable card abilities. Below is the rulebook and list of playable cards for the game. A playable version is available for free on Tabletop Simulator.

Attack on Titan: Division is an unmonetized fan project meant for educational purposes. The game is not affiliated with Kodansha Ltd. or its original creators, to whom all rights of the Attack on Titan property belong. No copyright infringement intended. Full copyright information is available here.

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