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Ways Away!

Ways Away! is a dungeon-crawler with party game elements. A group of plucky adventurers are on their way to the magical city of Willowvale. After a short rest in a nearby forest, they awaken to realize that the city's gates will close in just a few hours. They still have a ways away to go before making it on time, and there are plenty of obstacles along the way that will slow them down.

Ways Away! was designed by Daulton Scott. The game was initially conceived as a tabletop game meant to be played with 2 – 4 players. Each player would take turns navigating a dungeon, avoiding obstacles to make it to the end before running out of time. Each character had unique abilities to help them overcome the hurdles found along each path. The character barks, written by Daulton Scott, were written for a potential video game version of the project.

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